Nepal Israel Friendship Society

About Us

"Nepal-Israel Friendship Society" is an organization established to flourish and maintain the bilateral relationship between the two countries and to work for the broad interest of the nations. Nepal Israel Friendship Society (NIFS) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. We are a team who takes personalized care of every task to ensure all round development of the two countries. This organization offers Cultural Exchange, Promotion of Tourism, Educational Exchange Program, Trading, Human Resources Development, Social awareness and is involved in offering social help, services to Israelis residing in Nepal & Nepalese residing in the State of Israel.

Our main objective is to keep up the cultural identity of Nepalese and Israeli communities to share the distinct privilege and to keep the preservation of rich traditional heritages along with guiding principle. This committee ensures that ideas from different professions are amalgamated and try in order to provide the platform for good interaction.

This manual covers several situations that are arising and could arise in future with various hindrances and has some dozens of meaningful activities and ideas. We have tried to provide answers to the problems including giving right direction, finding help & services, and many more. Emphasis is on preparing & helping the worker cope with whatever challenges arise, and it offers workers new skills, outlined systematically to help them manage the most important issues they face.

The main objective of the organization is to enrich and enhance the working atmosphere for employees and employers to focus on providing superior satisfaction. The subsequent goal is to provide opportunity to Nepalese to understand basic important information on Israeli laws, customs, policy and procedures via "Nepal Israel Friendship Society" through the access of the Governmental service Agencies. Periodic evaluations will be conducted to assess the value of this organization on:

  1. Accomplishment of excellence through sincere effort, motivation, dedication and continuous improvement of our knowledge and skill.
  2. Designing different projects & bring trade, Promoting Tourism, business on agricultural works & technology.
  3. Ensuring parallel relation between two countries focusing on the long-term view & developing solution that are sustainable.
  4. Contributing towards Human Resource Development of the nations.

General Background

Nepalese people started seeking employment in Israel as a Caregiver, Factory workers, Hotel workers and agricultural personnel since several years. The massive unemployment in the country is the main reason behind this expansion in venturing to distant land (Israel).

Reasons for the preference of Nepalese workers:

  1. Low paid workers: Nepalese are the cheapest workforce available in the global market. Naturally, all commercial establishments want cheap workforce to maximize their expenses.
  2. Proper Accommodation: Nepalese workers do not have high expectations when it comes to accommodation, standard of living, facilities provided etc. They are comparatively calm, patient, sincere and loyal.
  3. Hard working: Nepalese can work in any field in high or low temperature. They can work overtime as required by the employer or the company.
  4. Language: Nepalese people can communicate and understand English in a basic level.
  5. Easy Recruitment: Recruiting procedure of Nepalese workers is easier and faster.

    In the context of Israel, It is a financially booming country and most of the work in the care giving and agricultural field has made good employment destination for Nepalese employees.

We can outline each of the work aspects as follows.

Existence of Nepalese Workers:

Among the total population of Nepal, 75 percent select Israel as their first employment destination. Likewise, at present thirteen thousand people are employed in the state of Israel in different sector like Caregivers, Agriculture, Hotel and Factory. According to one estimate, every month around 4.5-billon dolor enters in Nepal as a remittance and the increasing numbers of labor migrants have been sustaining the Nepalese economy. Youths between the ages of 25-45 represent the total labor force in the State of Israel from Nepal.

NIFS is deeply concerned on the following planning to provide training in professional courses to enable them to get a job and to make them to be self-stand by respective profession.

  1. To launch a training center in Nepal with the affiliation from CTVT, approved by the Ministry of Education & Sport of Nepal.
  2. To design free training packages of international standards by appointing professional instructors from Nepal & Israel to ensure a 100% match as per the specifications.
  3. To provide guidelines to the Nepalese employees in order to assist them in foreign country as well as to provide the platform for both sending and receiving country.
  4. To organize different seminars and planning through wide range of national and international organizations.
  5. To urge the government of Nepal to initiate its effort to improve the situation by amending its law and strict implementation of existing legal provisions.
  6. To find out the problems and to provide suggestions and recommendations based on the study through our helpdesks.
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