Nepal Israel Friendship Society

Goals and objectives

Goal 1
To establish the Nepal Embassy in Israel as a major factor in serving Nepalese citizens.

Objective 1.1 # to formulate some strict regulations in various programs that Covers.

  1. Economy, finance, trade, customs
  2. Tourism, legislation, administration as well as
  3. Setting up joint ventures and encouraging cooperation of the private sector.


Goal 2
To reduce the degree of unemployed workers in Israel

Objective 2.1 # to provide relevant information regarding care giving, and self-care
Objective 2.2 # to create awareness on health and safety to improve the working environment


Goal 3
To uplift the correlation between two countries

Objective 3.1 # to clarify the misunderstandings if any between the two countries with an emphasis on resolving a problem.
Objective 3.2 # to maintain the diplomatic relationships


Goal 4
To work as a non-profit & non governmental organization

Objective 4.1 # to promote supreme relations with Israel in the arenas of culture, education and social customs.
Objective 4.2 # to initiate help lines to serve the people who need assistance and counseling in a more organized and systematic ways.

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