Nepal Israel Friendship Society


Nepal has justly famed natural Himalayan beauty mainly Mt. Everest as well as its rich architecture are receiving worldwide attention and attracting an increasing number of tourists from around the world. Nepal could provide best alternative ambiance for Israeli tourists for holidays away from the bustle of modernity. This could also contribute to the generation of close trade and investment relations between the two countries.

In short Nepal is a choice destination for tourism, trade and investment. Higher-level visits always generate an atmosphere of goodwill and trust. Keeping this spirit, there have been many visitors from Nepal to Israel.

Agriculture has dominated the economy of Nepal. As per the size of the country, Nepal possesses some of the most outstanding bio-diversity in the world. However, due to the lack of technology and research institutes, Nepalese failed in trying to increase agricultural production and diversify the agricultural base. We are not being able to focus on irrigation, the use of fertilizers and insecticides, and the introduction of new implements and new seeds of high-yield varieties. The lack of distribution of these inputs, as well as problems in obtaining supplies, however is inhibiting the progress of Nepal. Environmental degradation--ecological imbalance resulting from deforestation--also is preventing the progress.

Although some new agricultural technologies helped increase food production, there is still a room for further growth. Nepal produces Rice, wheat, corn, millet, barley, sugarcane, tobacco, potatoes, oilseed and medicinal herbs etc.

Whereas, Israel is the country making the desert bloom. Its success lies in the determination and ingenuity of farmers and scientists who have dedicated themselves to developing a flourishing agriculture in a country, which is more than half desert, thus demonstrating that the real value of land is a function of how it is utilized. Israel's flourishing agriculture is due to continuous, application-oriented research and development. Studying all these facts, the main objective of NIFS is to utilize the land of Nepal to achieve maximum yields and improving crop quality by agricultural planning, research and marketing. Agriculture being the mainstay of the national life and economy has received due attention of NIFS and due emphasis in the field of agricultural education too.


NIFS is deeply interested on the following agricultural planning:

  1. To employ academically and practically competent professionals in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary and Food/Dairy Technology.
  2. To send Nepalese for training and research programs in agricultural subjects for identification of new export opportunities and field based internship.
  3. To enrich students with academic knowledge blended with practical experience.
  4. To allow participatory approach in agricultural projects and research collaboration via modern teaching-learning methodology.
  5. To fetch agriculture/veterinary service, agro-business, cash crop, fruits, harvesting, irrigation and use of manure, pests, plant protection, seed production, seedling techniques.
  6. To bring in the technology of farm model of Israel for healthy growth of the farming sector in Nepal.
  7. To open a farmhouse on our own land applying the technology of farm model of Israel.
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