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Nepalís Relations with Israel

The realm of international relations between the State of Israel and Nepal often confined to high politics and activities of statespersons, diplomats and high-ranking government officials since 1960s. Israel has been the most popular destination for most migrant Nepalese workers for better paying jobs over the past few years; the State of Israel has greatly influenced Nepalese employees.

In such a context, this proposal will endeavor to provide a comprehensive overview of Nepal’s relations with Israel and employment of Nepalese workers, which has become the pivot of the relations in the present time.

Nepal and the State of Israel established their formal diplomatic relations on 1 June 1960. Since the establishment of the relations, both countries are enjoying excellent state of trust and are trying to enhance and strengthen the bonds of friendship. The relations between the two countries have been based on goodwill, mutual understanding and cooperative attitude. There is an atmosphere of tremendous understanding for mutual benefits at the peoples’ level as well. Although small in geographical area, both countries are abundantly endowed with natural resources.

Both countries– Nepal and Israel have similarities in many important respects. Both countries take pride in their rich ancient cultures. Both countries are small next to much larger neighbors. Both have proud history and tolerant societies in which peoples of all faiths live and work together towards a common goal.

Despite all these aspects, the relationship between two countries is confined to workers only. It is a matter of satisfaction that the Nepalese nationals are meeting a part of Israel's Manpower requirements and contributing to the progress and prosperity of this country. It is highly commendable that the government as well as the people of Israel are providing the Nepalese youths with employment opportunities because of their dedication, honesty and hard work.

Nepal has justly famed natural Himalayan beauty mainly Mount Everest as well as its rich architecture are receiving worldwide attention and attracting an increasing number of tourists from around the world. Nepal could provide best alternative ambiance for Israeli tourists for holidays away from the bustle of modernity. This could also contribute to the generation of close trade and investment relations between the two countries.

In short, Nepal is a choice destination for tourism, trade and investment. Higher-level visits always generate an atmosphere of goodwill and trust. Keeping this spirit, there have been many visitors from Nepal to Israel and from Israel to Nepal.

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