Nepal Israel Friendship Society

Featured Services

i. Overseas Employment Counseling

NIFS has grown in operation efficiency with a clear vision and mission to be one of the leading service centers. NIFS is entering a new chapter in its history of investing in the training and improvement of work force and providing support to employees, employers, agencies and embassies seeking information and guidance on solving recruiting, counseling and training matters.
The purpose of this Organization is to assist employees with their problems. We arrange and process with the direct assistance and coordination through help lines, we represent. We offer a variety of creative service options for virtually any type of cases belonging to Nepal and Israel.

We guide the employees in each step in the procedure, enabling them to know all fundamental things for their employment purpose.


ii. Training programs

Why training?
Training need is to eliminate the gap between the present performance of a recruits and the desired performance. Several major initiatives are implemented including the redesign and expansion of training programs with a new concept. We help to provide guidance on training programs by utilizing our training facility, and continue to train the people so they can increase their employability and secure a good service. Since NIFS has been trying its best to provide a better quality of training by launching a training center based on international standard under Israeli supervision. When students choose NIFS Training Centers as their learning provider, they will receive:
• Instructor-led Seminars/Lectures
• Unlimited Hands-on Lab exercises
• Test Preparation Workshops
• Customer care services


NIFS focus areas of concentration include:
• Broad interest of the nation
• Identification of problems
• Project Plan Development
• Network
• Linkage Agreements
• Follow-up
• Employment Fairs

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