Nepal Israel Friendship Society

Our Vision

  1. To remove all possibilities of fraud, abuse & financial exploitation & formulation of an overseas welfare fund that would provide a cushion to meet he odd, unforeseen emergency.
  2. To develop and expand our capabilities by continuously anticipating in designing different projects regarding social and employment systems on a global basis.
  3. To determine where current and future skills gap are and to identify people who need help engaging with the workforce and develop solutions
  4. To involve the national and international organizations like Kabala Oved & hotline in the operation of services.
  5. To develop and extend the service in such a way that it protects the rights and interest of the workers.
  6. To focus on the long term view and developing solutions that is sustainable.
  7. To explore opinions and experiences further than the manpower sector.
  8. To bring in trade & business on various fields
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